Topic: Adding to Valid elements

I've searched for this answer everywhere and cant find it.

I'm using TinyMCE in Wordpress.  It's stripping-out HTML that I want to allow such as:

<div style="clear: both;">&nbsp;</div>
and <br />

I'm seeing references all over the web saying that it's possible to edit some "extended_valid_elements" (or similar) but I cant find where to do this in the tinyMCE installation that comes with the Wordpress (3.0) install.  This issue causes major havoc among wordpress users (and probably among other users also).

Please advise.


Re: Adding to Valid elements

Ask in a wordpress forum. This is clearly an implementation-specific issue. If you can't find the part where TinyMCE gets initialized, a wordpress forum is your best bet.

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Felix Riesterer.
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Re: Adding to Valid elements

Okay, I'll try ...but they seem to be totally lost on this issue (and blaming it on TinyMCE).  At any rate I'll tell them that you are saying it's implementation-specific. 

Thanks Felix !!