Topic: TinyMCE stopped working on IE10

I know that I should submit bugs to the bug tracker. but I think its an implementation issue and not a bug. Otherwise all TinyMCE users would have got this problem.

I'm using the jquery version of Tinymce. Works fine on all browsers including IE9.
Downloaded as a full package (not using the builder).

When testing version 3.3.3 on IE10  I got the following problems:
When I click the edit html source button I get the source without most of the HTML, mostly the table tags are gone and I'm left only with the texts.
Saving the rule saves the corrupted html.
I also get some of these in the console:
Object doesn't support property or method 'recalc'
Object doesn't support property or method 'duplicate'

I switched to 3.5.8 and also get similar issues.

Please advise on how to make TinyMce 3 work on IE10 ?

Thank you.