Topic: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

It looks like Google has finally scrapped / blocked access to their spellrequest web service.

I’ve been using the Moxiecode.TinyMCE.dll for years (link below) to handle TinyMCE Spellcheck requests with no problems, as of yesterday all requests now error with "Bad Gateway" errors - upon investigation it looks like Google no longer accept requests to www.google.com:443/tbproxy/spell?lang=

So right now I have an urgent requirement to replace the Moxiecode.TinyMCE.dll with another implementation ASAP - is there a newer .net binary floating about that uses a different back end?

Our server is IIS7.

I welcome any Tops or Tricks on this subject!

The original DLL that we've been using can be found here:





Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

I have the same issue (IIS7 too) -- it looks like the service has been down since yesterday about noon PST.

Found these IIS options (I can't post URL's yet):

Maierhofer NHunspell
fellowshiptech TinyMCESpellcheck.NET

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Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Same issue. Tried contacting Google to ask if they're aware of this (if it's an issue) or if they're discontinuing the service, but haven't been able send my feedback anywhere on their site or support sections (they have LOTS).


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Yeah, we've got the same issue across multiple Umbraco CMS websites which use TinyMCE. Would love a workaround if anyone finds one. Cheers.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

The google spellchecking service was always a bit of hack, it used the API from the "Google Toolbar" or whatever it was called, they might have discontinued it.

I am not aware of any replacing API (maybe someone else can enlighten us), but we highly recommend


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Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Is there a work-around or alternative for .NET users? 'After the deadline' appears to be a PHP based solution.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Is their (AfterTheDeadline) TinyMCE plugin compatible with the current version of TinyMCE? I've just tried installing their plugin using TinyMCE 3.5.7 to no avail. The spellcheck icon doesn't even show up on the editor.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

There is a newer undocumented Google spell check API here (captured from Chrome's built-in spell checker), but it expects JSON and returns JSON -- not XML.  The API key seems to be non-unique.  I'm able to make requests in .NET to the service and get a response back, but it needs to be parsed or translated into what TinyMCE expects -- can anyone help!?  I have modified working Moxiecode.TinyMCE.SpellChecker.SendRequest() code.

POST https://www.googleapis.com/rpc HTTP/1.1
Host: www.googleapis.com
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 169
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.31 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/26.0.1410.43 Safari/537.31
Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate,sdch
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.8
Accept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.3


Here is a response (from a different request):

"result": {
  "spellingCheckResponse": {
   "misspellings": [
     "charStart": 0,
     "charLength": 7,
     "suggestions": [
       "suggestion": "asdkjh"
     "charStart": 14,
     "charLength": 4,
     "suggestions": [
       "suggestion": "asd"

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Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Ive emailed http://afterthedeadline.com/ the following:

Hi there

We are looking to integrate your TinyMCE example in a .net web application.

Do you have a .net proxy page available?

If not, can you confirm where we can get the PHP proxy page - the following download only seems to include the TinyMCE plugin - i cant see the PHP file that the README mentions.

The Tiny MCE download with missing php file:

atd-tinymce032410.tar from: http://www.afterthedeadline.com/download.slp?platform=TinyMCE

The PHP file is mentioned here (but we cant find the php download):

We welcome any help you can provide.

I'll update this thread if they reply with any useful pointers.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Looks like Google turned the service on. tinyMCE spellchecker is back in business.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

I can confirm.
Our Umbraco sites which use tinyMCE have working spell checking again.
Thanks Google.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Anyone know why the service was down? Or if they plan to take it down in the near future?


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

I just updated our WebApps to use ASpell with the same googiespell spellchecker we were already using with google's api. It is completely compatible and we aren't missing a beat. I would have done this a long time ago if I had the time. Thanks for forcing me to make time Google :-)

I had to use a service for the stdin and stdout though.
The switch was relatively painless.
The same programmer that wrote the googiespell app also wrote a python server for this very purpose.
I had to customize the python server he wrote, as the code had a couple deprecated functions in it.

If you are interested, here is the URL:
and for ASpell

Also, if you would like my updated python server, email me at revelation1714@hotmail.com.
I don't see an attach feature on this forum.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

It seems like the service is down again. Can anyone confirm ?


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Yes, the service isn't working. The spellchecker looks like crashed.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Is there anyone to contact about the spell checker service being down?  Or do we just have to wait and hope it comes back up?


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

I'm having this same issue.  Anyone have any luck?  I'm desperate for an answer!


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

It does look like Google has turned off the spell check service again.  Does anyone has a solution?

I am using tinymce_3_2_7/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/spellchecker/rpc.php which will in turn use the Google spell check service.

If the service is no longer available, I would like to know if there is a replacement.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

The Team from TinyMCE,
Can you people ask Google that, did they resume the service? Or are there any replacement(s)?


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Following up on mcain66's post, I was able to rewrite the .Net handler to use Google's new API.  New dll and source code are here:
http://www.modernsignal.com/uploads/blo … dotnet.zip

Note that I updated the target framework to 3.5 in order to use the JavaScriptSerializer.  I can't imagine many people are using older versions of .Net at this point anyway.  The new API requires an API key, but the one in mcain66's post is the same one used by my version of Google toolbar, so it appears that every install of the toolbar uses the same key.

Anyway, I don't know if this is a great long-term solution since it's still an undocumented and unsupported API, but I'm hoping it gets us by until everyone is using IE10+ and can rely on native browser spell checking.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Hey thanks for updating the API calls! Since this seems to keep happening I've decided to move away from using the Google API and most likely write my own spellchecker but in the meantime your changes made for a great temporary solution!


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

I'm struggling with this spell check issue since the Google API apparently no longer works. I see in a previous that there may be a new API that can be downloaded, but I have no idea how to install or use it. I've also seen that pspell can be used as an alternative, but apparently it has to be compiled with PHP, which I also have no idea on how to do. My PHP was installed by a Filemaker package, and I'm concerned that I may mess that configuration.
Any help would be appreciated.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

@dhammond - many many thanks!

somehow this spellcheck being down was missed by us for over a month and i was in panic mode today until i found this post.

thanks again - very much appreciated.


Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Tried to get in contact with Google about this... but, getting in touch with anyone who has any idea if what I was talking about, turned out to be like throwing mail into a black hole.

We are looking into alternatives as we speak, to at least have some form of spellchecking shipped functioning out of the box without setting up your own server etc.

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Re: SpellCheck - Google <spellrequest> service scrapped?

Apparently orangoo is hosting an alternative; just replace the old URL with