Topic: How to get HTML value

Is there a function or call to get the HTML contents of a tinyMCE editor window??
similiar to how the PREVIEW show the HTML.  I tried (quite silly) to just grab the innerhtml, but that grabs everything

EDIT: after some reading, I want to clarify --
I dont need the HTML on ther server-side (have that working) --
I want to be able to populate (without a page reload) a DIV or SPAN with the contents of the tinyMCE edit area

I have been able to get the contents, unfortunately, it is all replaced with HTML special chars (& lt; etc)


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Re: How to get HTML value

some digging found some good stuff:

var content = tinyMCE.getInstanceById(element_id).getBody().innerHTML;

this was preferred over:

since it allows control of which element is active


Re: How to get HTML value

hi cgmckeever,

wondering if you could help me here.

I have stored the html in my db and now I want the ability to edit it.

How did you do it???